Basic functions

Useful basic functions that help to improve
the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Staff Management
  • Staff information management function
  • Contact information management function
  • E-mail broadcast function
  • E-mail template management function
Client Management
  • Client information management function
  • Contact information management function
  • E-mail broadcast function
  • E-mail template management function
Order Management
  • Order information management function
  • Contract information management function
Attendance Management
  • Attendance information management function
  • Holiday information management function
Calendar Management
  • Calendar management function
  • Shift management function
Billing Payment Management
  • Billing information management function
  • Payment due information management function
  • Payment information management function
  • Transportation expenses management function
  • Loaned product management function
Payroll Management
  • Salary information management function
Budget management function
  • Budget information management function
Internal Control (Security)
  • Work flow function
  • Expenses management function
  • User management function
  • Permissions management function
  • Operation log management function
Website Management
  • Website content management capabilities
  • My page management function
Other Functions
  • Document management function
  • Image management function
  • PDF output (SVF)
Mobile Content Conversion
  • X-servlet


Customization of the required system in addition to the basic functions.
Semi-order type business system CANALS is the perfect fit for the business of your company.

Flexible customization of CANALS

Functions not available in the basic function set will be added during customization development.
We can support low cost development based on our past development track record.

Linking external services
We can support the addition of external service API depending on the function.
These API’s can be provided at lower costs compared to developing them.
Linking payment system
Rakuten card
Linking billing system
Linking payroll system
Kyuyo Bugyo
PCA Kyuyo
Yayoi Kyuyo
Kyuyo Oen
Arc Partners
Linking accounting system
Kanjo Bugyo
Yayoi Kaikei
PCA Kaikei
Linking FAX reception and transmission service
NEXWAY(FAX broadcast delivery service)
DoIT(MAIL-to-FAX Service)
Linking attendance system


Comparison with other business systems

CANALS パッケージ型業務システム スクラッチ開発
500,000 yen onwards

1 million yen onwards

Approximately 10 million yen
Implementation period
A minimum of 1 month from signing the agreement


3 10 12 months
Can be customized flexibly to suit the customer requirements

Customization is difficult

Highly customizable to combine functions as required

The semi-order system can be introduced
in a short period of time and at low cost matched to your business!

If the changes in the business flow is minimized, the time and cost required for development can be reduced.


There is no expense until the system begins to operate.
We shall adjust the specifications of the system using “Fit & gap analysis” any number of times until the system meets your company’s requirement.
Once you raise a complaint, the operator provides system support. Invariably, the operator will ask many details. CANALS has dedicated full time personnel who will provide reliable support during and after installation.
We will always have detailed discussions on the business flow before configuring the system.
This is because we will not be able to come up with a good system if we do not understand the purpose of the system.