CANALS security

CANALS stores data on the cloud and has security advantages.

Perceived threats Cloud (CANALS) On-premises
(Making use of the company premises)
情報(データ) Major threat to information (data)
  • Interception
  • Falsification of information
  • Unauthorized access
  • Spoofing
CANALS operates all the data using the Amazon Web Service (Hereinafter called as AWS). The robust security of AWS protects the information (data) from interception, falsification of information and unauthorized access. Security risk can be reduced since the data need not be sent out. However, the risk of unauthorized access and spoofing is higher than the cloud.
ハードウェア Major threat to hardware
  • Theft
  • Failure and malfunction of equipment
  • Irregular power supply, and power failure
When using AWS resources, AWS provides support for risks of theft and failure, malfunction of equipment and the recovery is smooth in the unlikely event of a failure. In addition to in-house security management, internal support is required during failure and malfunction and in many instances there is a delay in getting the required support. It is necessary to provide support in case of power failures.
ネットワーク Major threat to network
  • Failure of telecommunication equipment
  • Quality deterioration of the communication services
  • Damage of the lines
When using AWS resources, AWS provides support for failure of equipment and retention of communication services quality and the recovery is smooth in the unlikely event of a failure. In the same way, internal support is required when the hardware fails or a defect occurs.
サイト(設置場所) Major threat to site (Installation location)
  • Dust, moisture
  • Earthquake
  • Inundation
  • Spreading of fire
Server is safe as it is installed in AWS where measures have been taken for disasters, dust, and moisture. It is ideal to have a dedicated robust environment to withstand disasters in addition to providing protection from dust and moisture for the server, the customers may not be able to provide such a facility when the servers are installed in-house.


There is no expense until the system begins to operate.
We shall adjust the specifications of the system using “Fit & gap analysis” any number of times until the system meets your company’s requirement.
Once you raise a complaint, the operator provides system support. Invariably, the operator will ask many details. CANALS has dedicated full time personnel who will provide reliable support during and after installation.
We will always have detailed discussions on the business flow before configuring the system.
This is because we will not be able to come up with a good system if we do not understand the purpose of the system.